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fancypink's Journal

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the glorious Guniw Tools community
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this is a Guniw Tools community created by fishbite.
because they are wonderful. and they need to be loved.

since i very much want to keep this alive, and would rather have posts on topic (thank you), here are some ideas on what to post:
- any guniw tools & related information
- artwork and anything creative - inspired by the band and it's babies
- any art or pictures that you think might identify with the guniw tools' universe
any suggestions? post about it.

official sites:
Guniw Wavering Home, Guniw Tools official site
GT @ Victor Entertainment, official label site
NIWLUN.NET, Full's personal (and stuff) site

fan sites:
FlowerPistol by yumemireba & friends
nyoiin by Priss and Satori (not being updated anymore)
Dreamy, the approved fanlisting
Collucoo Vision, another fanlisting

related websites:
Finch Liqueur, Nookicky's official fanclub
Sidewalk Artist's Room, Asaki's projects' official site
pinhole, Nookicky's fanlisting

PLEASE EMAIL ME about guniw tools and related fansites.

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