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I began the journey to my mailbox with hardly a care, giving my daily walk little thought to feed upon. I strode down the driveway unmindful of anything, musings far too random to pinpoint. The only sound I heard was the noise my footsteps made upon the gravel, for there was no one around. No people were present to disturb the still peace that loomed in the air.

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Freeing the latch from its captor, I opened the gate, slowly, lest I should interrupt the profound silence I was so unaccustomed to. I executed ten more steps before I finally reached, and opened, my mailbox. I retrieved the mail feeling as though I were performing a rare task, despite the fact that I carried out such a chore each afternoon. I closed my mailbox with a mental shrug, ready to shake the odd feeling and return to my home.

Before I carried my prize back, however, I found my attention drawn across the street. Five horses stood in a line, their eyes fixated upon my presence. They looked on from their own gate, our gazes interlocked.
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