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Guniw Tools Doujinshi for sale!

hi everyone! i'm not sure if sales posts are allowed on this community, but i thought this was the most relevant place to post and i've seen a few people selling CDs and VHS' before.

i've had some interest in these, but every time people have said they'd get back to me and then never did, and i'd really like someone to take these off my hands since i'm saving up for college.

guniw tools doujinshi are pretty rare ^^; i always try to buy them when they pop up on yahoo auctions, but i need the money more than i need these. both of these are produced by the doujinshi circle "Sin".

regarding the content, they're about half manga, half fanfiction (or articles maybe?) but most of the text has illustrations accompanying them. i really couldn't say what the stories are about, my japanese has become so bad now - though in the back of both of them, there are some cute stories that seem to be about Full being turned into a two year old XD

- On the left: "Antique" On the right: "Antique II"

- back views:

- looked through once or twice, both in excellent condition.
- they are both about A5 size. Antique is around 70 pages, Antique II is about 50.
- £10 each, or both for £15
- i only accept paypal or concealed cash in GBP (£).
- shipping is not included and will depend on where you are in the world.

if anyone wants to see photos of the inside i'll do my best, but i don't want to scan them and ruin the spine or anything ^^;

cross-posted to oldriver, sorry if you see this twice.
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