newsoles (newsoles) wrote in fancypink,

Winter themed music?

It's smack-dab in winter where I am, so that got me to thinking... are there any Guniw songs that you associate with/make you think of/like to listen to during the cold season?

For me, Fat December is an obvious choice, and Baby's one do is another because it's cheery and makes me think of warmer weather (I don't like the cold!).

How 'bout you all? :)
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"Fuyu no Uguisu" (winter nightingale) and "Yukidokemizu" (melted snow water), mostly because of their titles XD
I never knew what the title of the Fuyu song translated as, so thanks for teaching me something new. ;D

He's good at seasonal titles. Even if sometimes the lyrics go off in the other direction. (Fat December... Betty Boop... what? lol)
What a lovely and refreshing post! :D
Fat December reminds me of summer more than of winter, because I have too strong summery associations with that song, so I can't really think of it as a winter song. :B

But my ultimate wintery Guniw songs are HUSH and COOL, Border of Taboo, Pictures of Utopia and Dearly dark Nap, mainly because I have a habit of listening to those songs a lot during cold season and they have wintery memories associated to them. Like when I was moving for the first time to my own flat, it was November and we were sitting in a car with my mom listening to Border of Taboo and Pictures of Utopia while it was snowing.
Why thank you!

We have a lot of the same favorite songs. :D And what a nice memory, thank you for sharing that.