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Guniw Tools Translation Collection!!!

a lot of people come to fancypink looking for lyrics, and a lot of websites that used to have translations are dead now, so i thought "why not put them all in one place?". and so i did! i collected up all the lyrics i have (not including romaji, just kanji and translations) and put them in my journal for you:

Untranslated lyrics
Translated by others
Translated by me

there are around 40 songs there now overall.
but what i'd really like is if other fancypinkers could contribute and help me complete it :D so if you have anything you've translated that isn't there and would like to contribute, please let me know!

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...that is an awesome idea! I've driven myself nuts countless times trying to find translations on sites that no longer exist ^^;

I'd contribute stuff myself, but my translation skills are non-existent and I guess you've already got all the untranslated lyrics posted (the ones I have were pinched from old versions of, courtesy of is wonderful, huh XD i got most of them from there.
don't worry, my translation skills aren't so good either >.>
This is certainly a splendid idea! thanks for gathering these : )
great !! <3
Thank you for this! :)
thanks mate :)
Thanks for gathering. :)



July 4 2008, 20:25:34 UTC 9 years ago

PLEASE can anyone write it with romanji? D: