Dada Daliarca (rkylo) wrote in fancypink,
Dada Daliarca

Full info please~!

Hi guys x3

New here even though I've liked Guniw Tools and Full for a while :D

I was wondering, could anyone help me with some research I must do for a school project?

I haven't found any info, or at leat any English info since I don't speak/read japanese about Full ;__;

What I need is pretty much everything about him x_x Mostly his artistic influences/style


Please please? ;w;

Thanks in advance x3
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AIM --> sparky chair
;w; MSN or Skype maybe?

Please? T_T
MSN --> bundledgelatinAThotmailDOTcom
i heard he was influenced by david sylvian on the guniw tools mixi group.
i vaguely rememeber seeing a picture of either david sylvian or full dressed as david sylvian on full's blog thing o_o;; but when i went to look for it again i couldn't find it...
This is his official Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles myspace where he has a section in english about his influences. Hope that helps! =)
I have his English profile saved from (courtesy of It doesn't have much about his artistic influences though (but the last part is amusing ^^)
MSN - > elves_in_tights* (though I think you already have me added? )
He like P-Model.. maybe influenced by this band..