Glenda (honorine) wrote in fancypink,

Jake's new maxi-single & question about "WebMoney"

Cloudchair, Jake's solo unit, has just released a digital maxi-single, Echoes and Whispers. So far, the songs in mp3 format are only available at Music Bazaar, Japan. If I'm reading the company's FAQ correctly, there's just one payment option for those of us outside of Japan, via a service called "WebMoney." Has anyone here ever used this service? I'm wondering if it's safe and reliable.

About Echoes and Whispers . . . Jake calls it "ambient guitar" music. There's an mp3 online for listening and download that combines samples from all three of the songs at Muzie: cloudchair. It's very beautiful.
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hmm..i'm afraid i've never heard of webmoney (though it sounds like some kind of japanese version of paypal), but this sounds intriguing! i bought the cloudchair album from the japanese hmv website and it was pretty good but....jake should stick to guitar XD lyrics are not his strongest point...
I bought that album from hmv, too, but I *love* it. Of course, Jake could sing his grocery list and I'd love it. There's just something about his voice . . . it's gentle, soothing. "Wing and Guitar" and "Flowers" are my favorite songs on the cd.

One of the weird things about webmoney is that the website is registered in Belize, although I think the company is based in the Ukraine. (Most of their clients are in Russia.) And a Google search suggests that they may have had some security problems. So . . . I'm hesitant about signing up for the service.

Oh, you're the wonderful person who does the Guniw Tools translations! Thank you, thank you for doing that. I'd been looking for a translation of "Ladybird's Sleeping Art" forever, so was very happy to find it on your LJ a few months ago.

I've been trying to teach myself to read Japanese. So far, I've memorized the kana, am studying the grammar and adding to my vocabulary. (I'm still blissfully ignorant about Jake's writing ability.)
I've used Webmoney for about 6 years now with no problems. They are very secure and one of the largest digital currencies on the Internet. They have several 'purses' and each is registered in the jurisdiction that will provide the best business environment. They also have about 150,000 'cash-in' kiosks around Russia that allow direct cash deposits to WM, prepaid cards and recently a WMG gold backed currency. Its a great company and I write about them and use their products often. Very safe.
Mark Herpel
Thanks for the info., Mark! I'll definitely take a look at the website.
I think I know what I want for christmas! ^_________^