Glenda (honorine) wrote in fancypink,

Who is Momopie?

Hello everyone,

Some months ago I found a video on YouTube that had a Guniw Tools tag, but it was by the artist Momopie. Does anyone here know what the connection is? I've found Momopie's blog, but it is, of course, in Japanese - which I can't read. And a Google translation of Japanese is kind of like "choose your own adventure."

Any information would be appreciated. Momopie is cute as a bug, and his weird little songs are charming. Also . . . since the video isn't online anymore, does anyone have a copy that they would be willing to share?
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The image is very tiny but it kind of looks like Jake. O.O
Haha, no, different person.
I just read your response! I'm intrigued by the video now.

Like I said, small picture. Small picture + bad eyesight = skewed vision. Haha
I don't know why I have this laying around lol.

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That is perhaps one of the most darling things I think I've seen in a long while.


Thank you!
Hahaha, Momopie? He's a friend of Full's who sometimes plays with him. Then again, I don't think that happens often, since Momopie lives in Kyoto.

He's certainly ...a presence, haha. (And last I heard, a Moby fan 8D "OMG New York City!? Moby lives there~~~ I love Moby~~~!!") He's also somewhat obsessed with elephants, which he calls "manmosu" (mammoth) lol.

PS. The video that was online was directed by Full. They shot it on one of those fan trips to Nepal. Sorry, I'm pretty certain I don't have it anymore, but if you're dying to see it I can ask someone.

I can't decide if that photograph is funny, charming or creepy, but thank you for sharing it. And thank you for the information on Momopie! No need to ask anyone about the video; I suspect it will reappear on YouTube someday. I do appreciate the offer.

Momopies OHP is here, if you or others here haven't already found it. :D There's the "♪♪♪SONG SITE", mp3's! ♥ I find him really adorable. Awww!
Thanks! I love the photograph of Momopie-Ganesha. So far my favorite Momopie song is the one at his MySpace page. But all of the songs are fun!
Coincidence or ?????

Momopie's video is back on YouTube! OYASUMI=MANMOSU-KUN. Did someone here take pity on me and upload it? (Or is "momopiekazuo" actually the man, himself?) I really enjoyed seeing it again. And yes, it's adorable.