lulu-chun (idoitforlove) wrote in fancypink,

Looking for lyrics

I'm not sure anyone will be able to help me with this, but it's always worth a shot!

I've been looking for an English translation of Mudai no tou. It is one of my absolute favorite songs and I really want to know what the lyrics say.

If anyone has a translation or can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it more than I can say. I've looked so many places on multiple occasions and can't find anything. Maybe a translation just doesn't exist anywhere? T_T

Thank you in advance for any help that anyone can offer.

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Hi. :) Are you still looking for this song? I have the romaji and I'm willing to take a crack at translating if you'd like.
OMG, yes! I haven't been able to find it or someone who is willing to translate it yet!

That would be awesome! Thank you so much!!!!

You are very welcome. :) Don't know how accurate I am, but I've been trying to work on all the songs no one else is working on/has done. Shouldn't take more than a few days (*crosses fingers*).