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A Jake Update (and an Asaki p.s.)

Here's some updated information about Jake's solo unit, cloudchair.

Official websites:

cloudchair at MySpace. Listen to Jake's latest release, "Echoes and Whispers," a digital maxi-single. This is ambient, healing music. Very beautiful! (Site info is in English and Japanese.)

cloudchair: digital indie store. Those of us outside of Japan can now purchase digital downloads of "Echoes and Whispers" at this site. (English language site.)

cloudchair at Actually, this is Jake's personal site. So, if you're on, and you like Jake's work, you might want to add him as a friend, or just let him know what his work has meant to you. (Don't worry about posting in English, he seems to read and write the language quite well.)

cloudchair words, Jake's official blog, can now be found at
The blog is written in Japanese, but a fairly decent translation into English is available via Excite at The Excite webpage is written in Japanese, but just paste the address of the site you want translated into the box beneath the word "url." Then choose the second option in the box below: 日ー英 (Japanese to English.) Notice the yellow arrow to your right, click on the box to which it points. You will be taken to the translated page. (IMHO, Google's Japanese/English translations went all the way to hell in a hand basket last year, so I definitely recommend Excite.)

And the p.s. about Asaki?
I'm probably the last person in the world to have discovered this, but just in case . . . . Age of Punk has an official page at MySpace, featuring 5 AOP songs! The url is
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